House training a dog from a puppy mill

The main aim of house-training a puppy is to teach it that it is not good to eliminate right in your house. This article discusses the various ways of successfully training your dog. The methods are effective for both puppies and even dogs that are fully grown.

How to house train a dog easy?

house training a dog from a puppy mill House training a dog from a puppy mill
1. Establish a routine

Just like human babies, dogs will do best when they are on a schedule. In this schedule, the dog learns that there is time for eating, playing and to potty. A dog’s bladder control gets better by age. Generally, for every one month in age, a dog will hold its bladder for one hour. For instance, if the dog is four months, it can hold the bladder for 4 hours. This means that you should not let it past this because it will certainly soil where you do not want it to.

2. Take him outside frequently

You should at least take the dog out after intervals of two hours. Also, ensure that you take him out every time he wakes up, after drinking or eating and also during as well as after playing.

3. Select a bathroom location outside

After picking a spot, always take the dog to that spot by using its leash. Develop words to use while the dog is eliminating, such as go potty. Later, you can use these words to remind your dog to go and potty. You should only take him for a walk outside for to play after it has eliminated.

4. Reward the dog every time it eliminates outdoors

The point is to praise the dog or give it a treat JUST after he has eliminated. It is pointless giving it a treat after it has come back in the house. It is very important to give it a treat outside because this is the only way it will know what you expect from it. Also, you should only reward him after you are sure that he has finished eliminating. This is because dogs are very easily distracted. Praising him too soon may make them to forget to finish.

Best way to house train a small dog

1. Use a crate

One of the most important things about proper housetraining is to teach your dog that it should not eliminate where he eats and in his shelter where he sleeps. If it is not taught to get away from these areas whenever he wants to potty, chances are that it will learn to eliminate anywhere he feels fit.

Another good thing with using a crate is that it gives the puppy a sense of security. Puppies love it when they can curl inside a structure that cradles them similar to a den found in the wild. In case you are not around, ensure that you have left the door to the crate open so that the puppy can go outside and come back inside. No dog will eliminate in his crate because that is where he sleeps and also where he eats.

It should be noted that the use of a crate should be limited to short-term confinement only. You could use it when you are out for work, when you want to engage in activity which may be dangerous for the pup or when you leave the house. Once you are back, immediately take the puppy out. This way, he will not get the chance to eliminate in its shelter.

2. Have a regular eating schedule

Generally, whatever goes into the pup on a regular schedule will also tend to come out on a regular schedule. Puppies may be fed 3 or 4 times a day, and this mainly depends on their age. If you can feed the small dog at same times every day, it will be more likely to eliminate at specific times. This will make the whole process of housetraining to be achieved more quickly.

3. Remove the puppy’s water dish

This ought to be roughly two or three hours before it goes to sleep. This reduces its chances of eliminating at night. On average, most puppies are able to sleep for up to seven hours without needing to potty. In case your puppy wakes you up at night, just take him out and return it otherwise it will think that you want to play with it. Just turn on necessary lights only and do not talk or play with it. Once you have finished, take it right inside.

4. Use a bell

You can teach your puppy to inform you whenever it wants to potty by ringing a bell. This is achieved by hanging the bell on the door to its cage. Encourage the puppy to ring a bell every time it wants to go out.

Can you house train an older dog?

Useful Tips

  • Put the older dog on consistent feeding routine and ensure that you have removed foods between the meals
  • Take the dog out frequently and on consistent schedule. All dogs need to be given an opportunity of going out in the morning when they wake up, before they go to bed and prior to being left alone or confined.
  • Know the location of the dog at all times. Observe signs that it needs to eliminate as this will enable you to anticipate. Some signs include leaving the room, circling, whining, sniffing and pacing. Should you realize any of the signs, get him out as soon as you can.
  • If for some reasons you are unable to watch the dog, it will be necessary to confine it in a crate. You can also tie it with a leash. Ensure that the room where the dog is confined is just enough to lie in. since dogs do not want to defecate where they sleep, they will be forced to hold it. Chances are that your dog will wait for you and to come and rescue it so it can eliminate outside.
  • Should you catch your dog in the act, clap loudly just to startle her but to scare her. If you scare her, next time she will sneak from you and mess somewhere else. When she is startled mid-stream, take her out immediately.


Housetraining is important because through it, your dog will learn where exactly it needs to eliminate. This way, it will not defecate where you do not want it to. The key to successful housetraining is consistency and patience.

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